Program Your Subconscious Mind | Listen 10 Minutes Daily – Affirmations For Positive Energy

Affirmations function best with repetition. You need to duplicate your positive statements over and over till they come to be second nature. As well as the even more imaginative methods you can think of exactly how to do that, the better.

Duplicating your affirmations everyday in front of the mirror is the attempted as well as evaluated way to do it. However there are great deals of various other little techniques to maintain your affirmations front and also center throughout your day.

Discover a comic or podcaster whose approach as well as topic associates with your affirmations.

Review your favorite personal development writer and follow them on social media sites.

Ask your partner or buddy to tape themselves reviewing your affirmations out loud, substituting your name for the ‘I’ component. Conserve the audio track onto your mobile phone as well as pay attention to it during your commute or downtime.

Build a playlist of songs that strengthen your affirmations.

If you’re creative, paint or draw or shape your affirmations!

Incantation or sing your affirmations while you’re working out. It’s alright to do it in your head if you’re not take on enough to sing them out loud.

Usage aromatherapy and also listing the scents that you relate to each of your affirmations. Choose an essential oil to burn while you’re considering that affirmation.

Watch a film or tv show that reflects your affirmations.

Think of your favored motion picture, tv, or publication character that most resembles the person you intend to be or the qualities you wish to have.

Create a Pinterest board that straightens with your affirmations.

Build your own picture library of pictures that inspire you or advise you of your successes. Tack the pictures over your workdesk to remind yourself of what you can do.

Envision your affirmations as a hodgepodge of your favorite foods. Which ones taste good, and why?

As you set about your day, notification points that remind you of your affirmations. Write down what they are and also why they triggered that association.

You can also utilize your garments as a fun means to advise yourself of your affirmations. A hat could advise you of just how wise you are; a cozy sweatshirt of your cozy heart as well as your footwear as an indicator of exactly how you are striding towards success.

Play a game of ‘affirmation catch’ with your partner or best friend. Start by ‘tossing’ affirmations regarding each other and after that transform it around, so you need to think of something favorable concerning on your own to toss.

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Welcome to this Positive Affirmation Session For Positive Energy & Self Love. Utilizing Affirmations to program the subconscious mind with positive patterns that promote self-love, motivation, harmony, inner peace & abundance.

The law of attraction is always responding, so let’s make this moment count. If you have something you want to manifest into your life, bring it into your awareness now, then gently let it go as we begin.

Let your emotions flow naturally through you, and let these words become your own.

Ready? Yes, you are.


Welcome to this channel, I’m Alexander. I’m honored to be your affirmation, manifestation, and healing guide today through this channel. May the light in your heart shine upon the world.

Thank you for connecting with me.

I am so happy and grateful to have this online community of like-minded people and soul families. I am truly grateful to have YOU intertwined, connected with me in a metaphysical space, even if the odds are we never meet physically, I know we do meet in the non-physical.


Thank you for being here. You’re the best!
Infinite love,



Positive Affirmation Benefits:

✓ Programs the subconscious mind to increase levels of joy, self-esteem and boost a positive outlook on life, cleansing fear, negativity, and unconscious negative belief systems that hold you back.

✓ Works harmonically with the law of attraction and helps you manifest, attract and create from a place of peace, love, and positive energy.

✓ Helps you attract blessings and positive connections as a result of higher self-confidence and thoughts that make your energy more attractive to others.

The science of affirmations is out there for anyone to read. There are countless powerful psychological benefits.

TAKE CARE, Much love to everyone!