Program Your Subconscious Mind | 10 Minutes Daily – Subliminal Affirmations – Confidence & Self Love

Affirmations work best with repetition. You need to repeat your positive declarations over and over till they come to be acquired behavior. As well as the more creative means you can think about how to do that, the better.

Duplicating your affirmations each day before the mirror is the attempted and also tested means to do it. There are great deals of other little tricks to keep your affirmations front and center throughout your day.

Locate a comedian or podcaster whose technique and subject matter connects to your affirmations.

Read your preferred individual development author and also follow them on social networks.

Ask your companion or best friend to tape themselves reviewing your affirmations aloud, substituting your name for the ‘I’ part. Conserve the audio track onto your smartphone as well as pay attention to it during your commute or downtime.

Build a playlist of tunes that enhance your affirmations.

If you’re imaginative, paint or draw or form your affirmations!

Chant or sing your affirmations while you’re working out. It’s okay to do it in your head if you’re not endure sufficient to sing them out loud.

Use aromatherapy as well as checklist the scents that you connect with each of your affirmations. Choose an essential oil to shed while you’re considering that affirmation.

Watch a movie or television show that reflects your affirmations.

Consider your preferred flick, television, or book personality who the majority of resembles the individual you intend to be or the qualities you wish to have.

Produce a Pinterest board that aligns with your affirmations.

Develop your very own picture collection of images that motivate you or remind you of your successes. Tack the pictures over your workdesk to remind on your own of what you can do.

Imagine your affirmations as an assortment of your favorite foods. Which ones taste great, as well as why?

As you set about your day, notice points that advise you of your affirmations. List what they are as well as why they set off that organization.

You can also use your clothes as a fun way to remind on your own of your affirmations. A hat could remind you of just how wise you are; a cozy sweater of your cozy heart and your footwear as a sign of just how you are striding towards success.

Play a game of ‘affirmation catch’ with your companion or best friend. Begin by ‘throwing’ affirmations regarding each other and then turn it around, so you have to think about something favorable regarding yourself to throw.

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Welcome to this subliminal positive affirmation sessions. Using Multiple Voices to create a subliminal audio for subconscious mind programming. Dedicated to raise self love and the confidence level of the listener. Positive affirmations directly influences the subconscious mind.

Affirmations are recognized as a psychological tool that can be used to change negative beliefs and thought patterns about ourselves and the world around us, leading us to live a more peaceful, confident and joyous life.

Affirmations used in this audio can be categorized as:

Self Esteem Affirmations
Confidence Affirmations
Self love Affirmations
Happiness Affirmations
Abundance Affirmations
Inner Peace Affirmations
Subliminal Affirmations
Health affirmations
Spiritual Affirmations

And more…

I’m so grateful for all the support and love from you guys. It very inspiring and uplifting to me,
so from my heart, thank you.

– Alexander Soares


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Read about the benefits below.

Did you know that affirmations can reprogram the subconscious mind?
10 minutes on a daily basis can produce powerful results.

Positive Affirmations Benefits:

✓ Programs the subconscious mind to increase levels of joy, self-esteem and
boosts a positive outlook on life, this also affects the people around you in a positive way.

✓Greater Awareness Of Daily Thoughts and feelings with elevated ability
to stop negative thinking patterns/loops

✓ Greater Focusing abilities with your goals & Ideas from
higher motivation & inspiration levels.

✓ Helps you attract more positive energy and blessings as a result of
rising self-confidence and thoughts that make you more vibrant.

✓ Better perspectives on difficult situations, helping you find meaning
and ways to overcome challenges in a way that empowers you
in the moment and in the future.

✓ Positive affirmations make a person more optimistic, study shows that positive and optimistic people have healthier hearts.
Affirmations will help you stay in a positive mindset.


My Name Is Alexander,

As a long term content creator for PowerThoughts Meditation Club & ZenLifeRelax, and multiple other channels, I felt it was time to go back to my roots where it all started with Positive Affirmations. I’m proud to be your guide through my channel. Thank you for connecting with me.

Positive Affirmations changed my life in such a significant way that I am compelled to share this content with you. Around 10 years ago I lived a life of suffering and self-destruction, I had no idea what I was doing to myself and how I affected the people around me from my own self-destruction. After I finally had enough pain, I started to turn it all around

I dedicated myself to become a coach and a therapist so that I could help others facing similar situations and struggles and also because this was also healing and elevating myself. After being introduced to NLP coaching and EFT therapy, I became a coach and therapist setting out on a mission to help as many people as I could, and in the same process also healing myself.

Affirmation was a crucial part of that development and I will always remember it. I’ve been using affirmations for almost 10 years, and every time I do it, it helps me become better than I was, and arise from my failures and step into my true self, and my authentic power,
the power of being myself fully.

So here I am, aiming towards bettering myself and in the process hopefully helping and inspiring others to take charge of their own lives.


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