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Affirmations work best with repeating. You require to duplicate your positive declarations over and over up until they end up being force of habit. And also the more innovative means you can think of exactly how to do that, the far better.

Duplicating your affirmations each day before the mirror is the attempted as well as examined method to do it. There are great deals of other little tricks to keep your affirmations front and also facility throughout your day.

Discover a comic or podcaster whose approach and also subject relates to your affirmations.

Review your preferred individual development author and follow them on social media.

Ask your companion or buddy to tape themselves reading your affirmations aloud, substituting your name for the ‘I’ part. Save the audio track onto your smart device as well as pay attention to it during your commute or downtime.

Develop a playlist of songs that strengthen your affirmations.

Paint or draw or shape your affirmations if you’re artistic!

Chant or sing your affirmations while you’re working out. It’s alright to do it in your head if you’re not endure enough to sing them out loud.

Use aromatherapy and list the aromas that you connect with each of your affirmations. Choose a crucial oil to shed while you’re considering that affirmation.

See a film or tv reveal that shows your affirmations.

Think about your preferred flick, tv, or publication personality that many appears like the individual you wish to be or the high qualities you want to have.

Create a Pinterest board that lines up with your affirmations.

Develop your own picture collection of photos that inspire you or advise you of your successes. Tack the images over your workdesk to advise yourself of what you can do.

Visualize your affirmations as a smorgasbord of your favored foods. Which ones taste great, as well as why?

As you set about your day, notice points that remind you of your affirmations. Document what they are and why they triggered that association.

You can also utilize your clothing as a fun means to remind on your own of your affirmations. A hat might advise you of just how clever you are; a cozy sweater of your cozy heart and your shoes as an indication of how you are stepping towards success.

Play a game of ‘affirmation catch’ with your partner or best friend. Begin by ‘throwing’ affirmations about each other and afterwards transform it around, so you have to consider something favorable regarding yourself to toss.

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In this calming ASMR close-up video, you can relax to the sound of my close up ear to ear whispers and get tingles from the layered sounds in your ears.

00:00 Audible
01:58 Intro
03:40 Forehead
06:36 Right cheek
9:49 Left cheek
11:54 Right ear
14:20 Left ear
17:41 Nose and chin
19:26 Goodnight 😴

Sit back and relax with headphones on, let this video comfort you before bedtime!

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My name is Isabel and I’m Dutch. My approach to ASMR video’s is combining entertainment in a form of imagination and fantasy (almost movie like) with relaxation. All wrapped into one video for you. This way you can enjoy my videos either before you go to bed to drift off easier, or you can just take a moment of relaxation during the day to calm down and relieve stress.
I’ve been posting ASMR video’s since the 20th of June 2016! I hope you like it!


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Mics: AKG C214, two microphones to create a nice stereo sound

Editing program: Adobe Premiere Pro

Triggers on this channel are: scratching, tracing, brushing, wet mouth sounds, whispering, ramble, mouth sounds, hair sounds, visual triggers, hand movements, tapping, shiny objects, crinkle, deep ear whispers, soft spoken, mouth sounds, tapping, finger flutter, whispering ear to ear, breathy whispers, binaural sounds, personal attention, close up tingles.


This video is meant for relaxation and can also help relieve anxiety, depression or stress, however I am not a psychiatrist, so if you are dealing with severe anxiety, depression or stress I suggest you go to a professional.