Affirmations – 7 Chakras


“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

This is a Session on, SLEEP HYPNOSIS / AFFIRMATIONS For All 7 CHAKRA by Ushma Tandel. Listen to it along with your earphones on. And ideally within the mornings or earlier than going to mattress. Or any time of the day the place you may spare a couple of minutes for your self. Good outcomes have been seen in the event you take heed to this audio commonly for 30 days or until you intuitively really feel the necessity.
And as a result of these audios are for deep rest they need to by no means be performed whereas driving a automobile or working heavy equipment.

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English –
General Relaxation –
Don’t quit –
Relationship Healing –
Hypnosis for nervousness –
Exam confidence –
Anger Management –
Hypnosis for Deep Sleep –
Hypnosis For deep self-confidence –
Release Guilt, Shame & Self-blame with Forgiveness –

Hindi –
General Relaxation –
Relationship Healing –
Hypnosis for Deep Sleep –
Hypnosis for Self-Confidence –
Dont Give up –
Exam Confidence –
Anxiety –
Anger Management –
Hindi Hypnosis – Release Guilt / पछतावा, शर्म, आत्म दोष से आगे बढ़ें –

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