15 Minute Morning Affirmations Meditation (‘You Are’ Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem)

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This 15 minute morning ‘You Are’ affirmation session is the proper method to begin your day. This session will increase your power, confidence and character – beginning your day with the positivity and motivation to realize your goals!

Carefully hear to those affirmations totally and deeply, or alternatively, you may play this within the background while you might be preparing for the day forward or in your method to work.

Please share with folks in your life you suppose might profit from this video.

1. Use headphones for the very best expertise.
2. Listen to this full session as soon as a day. Try and do that for 30 days.
3. Take energetic steps in the direction of your goals each single day!

Comment on what affirmations you wish to see.
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