111% PURE AWESOMENESS: I AM Affirmations ➤ Courage, Confidence, Passion & Purpose

6 MINUTES OF 111% PURE AWESOMENESS. A fast affirmation/meditation video that’s designed that can assist you while you really feel caught in some form or type – and need to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION FAST! Life occurs, and the way you reply to it’s your accountability. It´s time to AWAKEN that INNER WARRIOR OF WISDOM, LOVE AND LIGHT inside you. Everything that occurs in life occurs for us. There is a better that means to all the pieces. It´s all linked, and we’re all linked. If we refuse to acknowledge that – we are going to create pointless emotional ache. Let it go. Enough drama. Enough blaming and judging. Enough self punishment. ENOUGH! You are a MASTER CO-CREATOR OF REALITY.

Take a deep breath. Rise up! Create your personal path. With Love.
The Universe helps you. The Universe Loves you.

Love absolutely. Live absolutely. And Shine your stunning Light.

How to make use of:
You can sit, lie down, stroll, meditate, run, calm down, exercise, do yoga, whereas doing day by day chores, and many others. It is as much as you. No proper or wrongs; Isn´t that lovely?!

Listen for 28 days straight for greatest outcomes. Many individuals discover that utilizing a headset or headphones will improve the expertise. Do what feels greatest for you.

Music Info:
Mixed with Theta 5,5hz (binaural beats), solfeggio 852hz and 963hz, OM mantra, ambient sounds, and tribal drums. If you need to profit from the binaural beats; use headphones.

Good to know:
You don´t want to recollect each phrase. Let them stream by. Allow your unconscious thoughts to soak up the affirmations. Like a flower absorbs the daylight and the rain.

This is a video that I´ve created in July 2018 and revealed on this channel: http://YouTube.com/PowerThoughtsClub – You might discover some good content material there as properly in case you haven´t checked it out already.

Dear Soul, Thank you for being right here. I´m a Loving Soul who’s right here to be taught, train and Shine my Light. I AM Courageously strolling my very own path. My Life Purpose is to unfold sensible Knowledge, Wisdom and Healing with Love and Enthusiasm – that Inspires and Awakens individuals to their Greatness & Potential, and make this world a Peaceful, Joyful and Loving place for ALL Life.

I see the Light in You

With Loving Kindness

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I LOVE to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in your life! I’m honored for the chance to attach with you in such a significant approach. Thank you.

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