101 – I AM Affirmations for Self-Love and Confidence – I AM Affirmation Meditation Series

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► The Insight Coaching Academy is a platform by which we create highly effective educational movies for Life Coaches and people folks all for studying easy methods to grow to be a life coach in addition to movies with I Am Affirmations, Motivation Affirmations, I Am Power Poses, Positive Affirmation Meditations, and numerous Prayers and different Spiritual Offerings. While we’ve had nice suggestions on all our inspirational and religious movies, folks most take pleasure in experiencing the I Am movies—these with the “I Am” phrase assemble, serving to them notice the I Am Presence, often known as I Am That, I Am.

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► Our I Am Affirmation movies will assist you increase your vibration, improve your confidence, and refine your consciousness. Check out our I Am Power Affirmations for Self-Confidence, which embody inspirational music, gorgeous visualizations, and highly effective affirmations.

► Our content material is impressed by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Michael Losier, the Teachings of Abraham as communicated to Esther Hicks and articulated with the assistance of her husband, Jerry Hicks, in addition to most of the nice South Asian Spiritual Traditions.

► After overcoming a mess of challenges, together with homelessness and a power coronary heart situation, John Strasser earned a grasp’s diploma at Columbia University, whereas learning the world’s nice religious traditions throughout India and Southeast Asia. After learning Leadership Life Coaching at Harvard University, he’s now a full-time Certified Master Insight Coach and Master Life Coaching Instructor and chief of the Insight Coaching Academy.

To Learn How To Become A Life Coach → https://www.rebelagainstyourself.com/becomeacoach